About Us

ABP members are made up of professionals and companies whose activities are solely or partly involved in the Fintech, Blockchain, AI, IOT and similar.

The ABP was originally established in September 2018 as the Union of Crypto Advisors (UOCA). The organization was originally founded with the intention of forming a community of crypto-advisors working together in order to make the the advisory world a better place.  However, with ever changing dynamics in the industry, very relevant disharmony between professionals in the space; it was apparent that there was more that the organization could do for all professionals in the space. There was also a need to ensure no misunderstandings by the use of the terms “Union” & “Advisors” in the original name of the organization.

Taking our new mission into account, the organization was renamed Alliance of Blockchain Professionals  (ABP).

We are a professional organization for professionals in the space, up and about to set about positive changes in the industry through advocacy & education of its members and the public. Through training and collective efforts, one of our long term goals is to establish ABP to a point where being a member is valued by the industry.  Our borderless nature and our combined membership gives the ABP an international, unparalleled knowledge, insights, and influence in this space at global levels.

Our Mission

To set the standard for best practices. 

To be an independent, influential, global professional organization, committed to delivering high quality effective content to its members.

To become the de facto and universally trusted “proof of credibility and value”.

With a mission to support and protect the interests of the ABP and its’ members, we are led by and are accountable to our members, and our goals are developed with response to what members set through the democratic processes of the Union.

We have a clear and regularly-reviewed strategy to meet the needs and aspirations of members, based on organization, engagement, education and empowerment.

Members are able to shape that strategy from the outset – with the Union having an open and democratic structure that encourages debate and discussion to ensure our policies are focused on creating positive change for professionals.

We encourage members to take an active role in shaping the way in which we work, and offer opportunities to get involved at every level.

Although the range of ABP activities is very wide, they can be best summed up under these key headings:

  • Practical solidarity

  • Representation

  • Information

  • Discipline

  • Education and training

Our Philosophy



ABP works to clear and defined principles – with a mission to serve, support and protect the interests of our members.


From and for Members

Our goals are developed with staff and officials in response to the policies that members set through ABP’s democratic processes.


Committed to Excellence

ABP’s core aims are to be an independent and influential trade union and professional organization, giving high quality and cost-effective services to our members.